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There is no greater grief a parent can go through than the death of their child, regardless the age of the child.  The second worst thing is watching your other children mourn the loss of their sibling.  There is no word for the loss and discussing your loss with others is always a conversation changer. Why?  Because there are no words that can make it better or to ease the pain.  There isn’t a label such as widow or widower.  We are just without child.

At Saving Grace, we will help connect you to groups and others that have experienced what you have been through.  We help navigate you through your new way of living.

…how do we do this?

Saving Grace works with the community to help you achieve your new way of living.  Some of the ways we help is utilizing art therapy, group sessions, or getting you in touch with a counselor for one-on-one grief counseling.

We work solely on donations and we can only provide services as we receive donations.  We want to help get you back to living and back into the community.